My favorite tools for condo management: my pressure washer, drill, and the rest

Hello! Welcome to another of my blogs! Today I want to tell you about some of the tools I use for my job as a condo manager! It is a very busy job, where anything can happen. So I need to be prepared for all different kinds of chores and repairs every day. I hope this is useful to anybody reading this who is also a property manager, or for people who want to have handyman tools around their house for their own repairs!


The most important tool I have for all jobs is my drill. I can fix almost all small things with a drill. If it is tightening up shelf brackets or adding some weatherstripping around the outer doors on a condo, it is all easy with my drill! I have a Dewalt cordless drill set that I bought for only $500, but it does absolutely everything! I very much like being able to show up with my case and be able to solve problems. In fact, that is one of my favorite parts of this job–being “handy” and solving little problems like when a hinge is sticking, or somebody needs to have their faucet replaced. It is the variety of this job which keeps me interested.

I find that a pressure washer is another one of the most useful tools I can have at my disposal. You can read more about it at If you are a property owner or even someone who just owns their own property, you will know how many maintenance jobs are created my mold, dirt, and that kind of thing around properties. I find that I can use a pressure washer for almost any outdoor task. I use them to remove mold and staining from decks and porches that are made of wood, and to clean the bricks on the condos I manage, because many of them are red brick and they begin to look dull over time. I also use my pressure washer to clean the concrete walkways and the windows from the outside because it is so fast and easy. For commercial use, I recommend checking


My property iPhone is something I bought after my first few months working as a property manager. Rather, I switched my personal things to a new phone, because my old phone was so swamped. Even if you run a very tight ship as I try to do, you will always have at least 10 calls every day from different people. Tenants call with little things or to ask about scheduling for recycling and trash, or plumbers call about invoices, there are so many things! Then there is all of the emailing, and I also find myself very attached to my calendar for scheduling maintenance, inspections, and all of those little things I have to keep track of. I found I could not deal with all of it on my personal phone so I decided to dedicate on iPhone for only work purposes, and to keep my old one for work only. This helps me isolate my stress much better and keep my home and my work life separate.

I do not know what I would do if I did not have my iPhone especially for scheduling. I would have to have a very large calendar or a day diary to keep track of all the maintenance appointments, payments, and events, and I cannot always carry something like that around to every property. It is much easier when there are a million things to keep them all on my smartphone and make sure that I do not overbook myself. I also like to be able to keep track of rents and fees on my banking apps so I do not have to constantly log on to websites to check if people are on schedule. It is simply so much easier to have everything in one place, so it is my suggestion that every property manager have a smartphone to use as an organizing center!


I would be very curious to know what other tools my fellow property managers use! I carry many small things around in my SUV when I am going between properties, because I need to have lots of little things. I carry plumber’s tape for leaks, duct tape for assorted things, and stuff like wood glue and gorilla glue. Let me know what you think I should add to my toolkit!


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