Basic Caking Decorating Tutorial

Cake decorating is an art, but it also has a bit of a science to it. Many people go to school for years to master cake decorating. These step by step cake decorating instructions will offer basic knowledge to beginner cake artists.

1. Ice the Foundation

The first layers of icing are the most crucial. It will require a flat knife with a large birth. Take the knife, dip it in frosting, and then spread across the cake in one stroke. Try to only go over the area once. Then, after the entire cake is covered, go back and look for holes to fill.

2. Color the Frosting

It is now time to make flourishes. Take cake decorating tools and put the colored frosting into them. If those are not available, cut various patterns into plastic bags. Look for a DIY tutorial on cutting the bags before proceeding. The trick is to practice first on a sheet in order to know what shape the frosting bag tip will make.

Cake decorating is not that difficult. It requires a lot of patience though even to master the basics. But if you are looking this information up, be proud. Not very many people even make it to the beginning stages before wrecking the cake and giving up.